Direct Order

We strive to offer an intuitive and streamlined experience in ordering. There are only three basic steps in ordering, which are: requesting quotation, accepting transaction, and settlement. Additionally, clients are also welcomed to explore our blanket ordering options. If you are looking for a printer that understands the need of your business, we might be your solution. More details below.


Subcontracting is a type of work done on behalf of another entity (usually another print house), with the work being intended to be resold. Since the client already has the know-how (and in some cases supply their own raw materials), we can offer lower rates and better utilization of our facilities. We accept subcontracting orders and welcome interested parties to request information and/or visiting our production site. More details below.

Direct Order



You can request subcontracting quote by emailing us the details for your job at sales@gmmprint.com. Make sure to include the following information:

  1. Contact information if you would like to be replied to a different email address.
  2. Quantity of the work, in pcs.
  3. Specification, including: material, size, special inks, finishings, and other relevant information.
  4. Preferably, attach the final working file or an illustration of the product.

Alternatively, visit our site ongkoscetak.id for a more in depth pricelist. In Bahasa Indonesia only.

Here is what you can expect after emailing us:

  1. We will reach back to you with inquiries if we need more information regarding the nature and details of the work.
  2. Next, we will send a you Quotation.
  3. Should you accept the quotation, please reply to us saying so. Further discussion and site-visit can be arranged depending on the circumstances.

Get in touch!

GMMPrint (PT Gunung Masindo Makmur Perkasa)

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Jakarta Barat 11460, Indonesia

hello@gmmprint.com (for general inquiries)
sales@gmmprint.com (for RFQs)