Supply Chain Partnership

Custom Solutions, Optimal Results

When individual orders are not enough, you may want to consider establishing a supply chain partnership to take full advantage of our experience and capabilities. A supply chain partnership allows us to understand the needs of your business better, and thus delivering better solutions to both existing and new challenges.


No Hassle, No Commitments Needed

Choose whether you want to work with us by the project, or long term. Simply request an appointment* with one of our officers to discuss current challenges and the potential solutions. After discussion, you will receive a standard quotation for the product(s) you are considering, along with the invitation to further explore additional ideas and solutions.

*) See how it works below.


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Full time employees

How it works

You will need to email us at

1) First, introduce yourself! We look forward meeting with new businesses, and a short introduction will go a long way to help with the acquaintance. Do include:

  • Your industry, business, and domicile.
  • What needs you are currently facing.
  • What products you are considering.
  • Additional contact information, if you would like to be replied to a different email address.

2) Next, include details of the products you are now considering. This will allow us to better understand what kind of solution you are looking for. Do include:

  • Quantity of the work, in pcs.
  • Specification, including: material, size, special inks, finishings, and other relevant information.
  • Preferably, attach the final working file or an illustration of the product.

What you can expect after emailing us:

  • Our associates will read and study every incoming email, and will ask for clarification should we need more information.
  • If your needs fall under the scope of our service, we will send a meeting invitation to further discuss potential products and solutions.
  • If your needs fall outside the scope of our service, we will inform you of the case, and may refer you to contacts with more relevant services.

Get in touch!

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Jakarta Barat 11460, Indonesia

Email: (for general inquiries) (for RFQs)